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Travel bar, raised.

Before this trip, we became Platinum AmErican Express card holders, which includes access to the Delta Sky Club.

How have we not done this sooner?

We started at a lounge in Jacksonville. I walked past a buffet of omelettes and fruit to pick up a Starbucks Americano and a paper. I wasn’t quite ready for the wine or mimosas I saw at 8am, but no judgement here.

Next stop, the domestic terminal lounge in Atlanta where we enjoyed Thai Chicken soup and a hummus/salad plate around noon before traipsing over to the international terminal.

We met up with our travel companions, a physician and his wife headed to the same conference in Spain, at the Delta Sky Club lounge in the international terminal where we enjoyed some shredded chicken and a glass of white wine before boarding our 3pm flight to Paris.

You know the first time you experience a really nice hotel – how it raises the bar on your travel standards, making it hard to go back to budget hotels with scratchy sheets? That’s basically what’s happened here – I’ve found another way to be spoiled. In our first day of travel as Delta members, we spent 4 hours in 3 different Delta Sky Clubs and now I don’t want to travel any other way.

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